Date: from 21st, Jan., 2019 to 24th, Jan., 2019


  • Jan., 21 13:00-15:00 Seminar at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Hino Campus, Bld. #1, Seminar room 1-1
    • Prof. Chia-Hui Chang, National Central University, Taiwan
      "Web Information Extraction and its Applications"
    • Prof. Eric Hsiao-kuang Wu, National Central University, Taiwan
    • "Intelligent virtual reality supermarket system for cognitive assessment and training"
    • Prof. Sheng-Wen Shih, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
      "Model-Based Gaze Estimation Method Considering Spectacle Lens Refraction"
    • Prof. Lieu-Hen Chen, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
      "Tree Detection on Google Street View Based on City Open Data"
    • Prof. Toru Yamaguchi, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
      "Estimating Indoor Behavior with Multi-sensor for Information Presentation"
    • Wei-Fen Hsieh, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
      "Affective State Investigation using Heart Rate Variability for Human-Robot Interaction"
    • Akihiro Matsufuji, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
      "A Method of Action Recognition in Ego-Centric Videos by using Object-Hand Relations"
    • Prof. Yi-Jung Chen, National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
      "Thermal-aware task and data placement for Multi-Processor System-on-Chips with 3D-stacked Memories"


15:00-15:30 Break 
15:30-17:30 Research Meeting and Laboratory Tour

  • Jan., 22 Seminar and Discussion at Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
  • Jan., 23 13:00-15:00 Research Meeting at Tokyo Metropolitan University (Hino Campus)
  • Jan., 24 Seminar and Discussion at Takusyoku University


Community-centric System Research Center, Tokyo Metropolitan University


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Research Center for Community Centric Systems
Tokyo Metropolitan University,
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